My specialities

When booking a high class British escort in London or Essex I’m aware you may want to know the kind of indulgences that may be in store for you and to sample the goods with conviction. If your unsure of the things I do like to do please refer to my (insert adultwork enjoys list?) Do you fancy a naughty weekend in London in a luxurious hotel? Would you be more comfortable in a homely setting with candles and mood lighting? Maybe you prefer to take things out of the country and book a fly me to you escort to accompany you on your travels? Or you just have an hour or a few to spare and fancy some company from an independent British escort? Rest assured our time is to be made the most of and I’ll go above and beyond to ensure it’s unforgettable. What I offer is a safe space for you to be yourself free of judgement and an escape away from reality. Whilst you are with me you are free to be yourself, to explore, and to try new things.


For those of you whom love to relax and be pampered to those that prefer to take walks on the wild side indulging in play time with a kinky dominant or submissive escort, My promise to you is that whilst we are together. Nothing else will matter.


My full attention will be on you. You are my priority. Let’s have a look at how I can do that for you…


So what’s on offer you ask...


The girlfriend experience... From £300 Per hour

The ultimate decadence for those that love to relax, be pampered and heighten their senses on a pursuit of mutual pleasure. If your seeking the GFE escort experience this one’s for you! Let’s explore one another’s bodies and stimulate or minds getting to know one another and deepen our connection. Let’s explore touch, and sensation, and focus on relaxing together in good energy and vibes. I’m a great listener and conversationalist so maybe we could elope over dinner and some wine? Maybe you would like sensual pleasures genuine Intimacy and lots of physical touch and affection. I love affection, cuddling, kissing, and to get to know somebody not just on a physical level but also with more to the picture. Let’s paint one of our own shall we…


The dominant woman experience... POA 

Do you have a hunger for being compliant? A thirst for being controlled that you need quenching? And do you like a beautiful woman standing over you as your dominatrix, your boss, and fulfilling her every wish? Are you the type that likes to give up all control and be bitched about? Maybe you prefer to be sensually tied down and teased to the point of no return. I’m a lover of tease and sometimes naughty tortures too and I’m very cheeky with a sadistic streak. I adore being able to take charge and I’m very comfortable with you giving me the upper hand to do as I please. Being a mistress is something I hold close to my heart and having been fortunate enough to play at the English mansion what I can do for you is assure you are safe, comfortable, and in for a world class domination experience of a lifetime.  


The sensual submissive experience… POA 

Your the type that knows what he wants, and using the body of a woman that turns you on really hits the spot for you. You enjoy putting things in her mouth and you enjoy using her mouth for your pleasure, her throat is your toy and her body is fun for you to play with. You enjoy controlling her with your masculinity and using her as a catalyst to your deepest darkest desires. She is obedient yet calm and collected, she is sensual yet seductive, and she is ready for you to use her for your satisfaction and she encourages it. She can take it well, and also respects your needs to unleash your desires, she allows you to go full throttle but she also keeps it classy, and she smiles as you pick up the pace. She knows what you want before you need to make your demands and is ready and waiting for you as she should be. She knows what you need. This makes her even hungrier for you. 


The VIP experience...  £1000 Per hour 

 Every once in a while we are entitled to unapologetically spoil ourselves. Although my ‘treat yo self’ mentality does occasionally go a little too far I don’t regret a thing. I only ever regret the things that I didn’t do! If your having a little luxurious self care then my highly personalised VIP experience package is for you. If you would like to sample all of the treats indulging in the naughtiest things that you can imagine being on offer then this option is for you. This gives you no holes barred access to quite possibly one of the naughtiest porn star experience escort bookings in the whole of London…. I have a beautifully round derrière and this option gives you full access to it, you can even film our encounter for your own personal porn video! That said if you fancied indulging in something more hardcore such as giving and recieving watersports I would be equally obliging! Feel free to choose my outfit for our encounter or even send me over a storyline of your own. Your welcome to customise it to exactly what you have been fantasising about and I’ll make it just the way you have always wanted. This experience is about you having exactly what you would like, exactly the way that you like it. That’s important to me! 


Let’s do extra. I’m an extra kinda girl!


Lunch date!... £650

2.5 hours in total being a mixture of dining and time together. Feel free to use the time doing the two as you please. We could also just do room service if you prefer, I’ll eat naked! 


Dinner date... £800

Two hour dinner and two hours private time. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Let’s get that tongue wagging ;) 


High voltage dinner date... £1300 + taxi 

I’m talking a VIP dinner date. Choose my dress for the evening, Get handed my panties under the dinner table, and I’ll even give you the remote to my vibrator I’ll have inside of me ready.. You will get two hours with me and three hours private time. I also will let you take photos and film during our time together for your own private collection. 


Daytime affair... £1800 

Have me for the whole day! We can play, relax, laugh, play, relax, play… did I say play? 


The overnight... £3000 

Keep me for the whole evening and we can celebrate by being so unapologetically ourselves! Let’s enjoy one another. Let’s enjoy our energy, let’s thrive upon the excitement of sharing a bed, the late night snuggle! The belly laughs and the everything that goes with being intimate and getting to wake up next to somebody that makes you feel good. Breakfast together in the morning? Baths or showers together? And opening the curtains to the start of a brand new day with a smile on your face? Sounds good doesn’t it ;) 


The wild one... £5000

Book me to bring along to a sex party, gangbang, or orgy or your choosing. Or perhaps share me with a few of your friends. I’m a firm believer of ‘sharing is caring’ and I’ll never leave anyone behind! Often the last one standing in the orgy and always that one that keeps coming back for more. I do this because I love to! Im fully engaging with everyone involved and more than comfortable playing with groups couples singles and multiple people at once. In these circumstances certain security protocols will be in place.


One weekend one to one!...  £5500

This gives you pure an adultered access to everything I have to offer for a tantalisingly tasty 48 hours. Would you like to explore the city of London or perhaps you would like to book a little break somewhere further afield in the English countryside or outside of the UK…. 


One whole week... £14000

Just like it says you get me for a whole 7 days. Let’s plan something exciting. My mind remains open and I’m always game for getting up to no good…. The world is our oyster so let’s enjoy ourselves! 


If you had a more specific date in mind such as FMTY, or a date including one or more of my bombshells, They are charged as POA. I also for FMTY dates if we haven’t met before ask for us to do a (paid) video call to discuss things prior to meeting. I always ask for my business class flights to be covered so I can remain fresh and exuberant when I arrive with you. For FMTY dates I always take half of the payment for our encounter upfront and the other half upon arrival. Any questions please by all means feel free to ask. 

what they say

I've met Hannah on a number of occasions, and each time she has tailored her meets to my particular needs. Hannah is a very chatty young lady and really puts you at ease during a meet. Whenever I have met Hannah, it has been for domination meets and it is fair to say that this woman will push your limits whilst simultaneously respecting your boundaries - the perfect bitch with a heart!